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I Don’t See Race

13,1 M
9,2 K

I guess my eyes have just evolved to be like, so progressive.

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Katie Marovitch

Zac Oyama

Grant O'Brien

Mike Trapp


Director - Michael Schaubach

Writer - Katie Marovitch

Producer - Shane Crown

Production Coordinator - Francesca McLafferty

Director of Photography - Luc Delamare

1st AC - Arturo Ochoa

Gaffer - Vince Valentin

Key Grip - Huan Manton

Sound Mixer - Ryan Bertolami for BoTown Sound

Production Designer - Rick Mader

President of Original Content - Sam Reich

Vice President of Production - Spencer Griffin

Executive in Charge of Production - Sam Sparks

Supervising Producer - Alex Edge

Production Legal - Karen Segall

Production Accountant - Shay Parsons

Production Accountant - Chetera Bell

Production Assistant - Emily Ellis

Post Production Supervisor - Melissa Balan

Post Production Coordinator - Marissa High

Licensing and Programming Coordinator - Theodora Hart

Programming Assistant - Caroline Langella

Editor - Andrew Primavera

Visual Effects & Graphics - TJ Gonzalez

Head Assistant Editor, Post Prod. Systems Engineer - Mark Chernausek

Assistant Editors - Spencer Kombol & Andrew Primavera

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