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Jurassic Park Re-enacted by Ponies

Jacob Kitts
Jacob Kitts
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This year-long delay is because I've been finishing work on a feature-length film that I've been doing visual effects and sound design for since 2012. The film is called Beyond the Darkness.

You can watch the trailer here:


Jurassic Pony Theme Composed by Robbi Dez aka "Bagpipe Brony" Go check out his channel:



Kira Buckland aka Rina-chan as the voice of Dr Grant and Dr Ellie Saddle

Bree Faith as the voice of Dennis Pinkie and Lex.

Lizzie Freeman aka Missbunniswan as the voice of Granny Hammond and Velocirarity

Sheila Gagne as the voice of The Game Warden

Alina Alberto as the voice of Rainbow Malcolm.

Daniel Sessions as the voice of Mr Arnold.

Haylee Smith as the voice of Raptor Victim


See updates for future projects on my Facebook:

You can see all of my movies at


This movie was made with Adobe Flash


Legal Stuff:

Original Theme by Robbi Dez aka "Bagpipe Brony"

The rest of the music used in this video is by Kevin MacLeod. MacLeod's music is free to use on YouTube according to his site.

This can be verified at

The music is Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"

Song Used:

Volatile Reaction


This video is a Parody.

We are not affiliated with or endorsed by anything referenced in this video.

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