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US Sailors Firing the Powerful Mk38/ M242 Bushmaster on a Boat

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The automatic gun M242 Bushmaster 25 mm is used on this video against a target boat during a training. This cannon is manufactured since 1981 by McDonnell Douglas. The firm, now incorporated into Boeing has produced more than 10,000 to arm including the LAV-25 and the US Navy patrol boats. The ATK firm resumed production. Improved versions such Busmaster III are produced.

It's a double-loading cannon and remote control shooting. Ammunition caliber 25 Γ— 137 mm are divided into two bands driven electrically. The tube itself has 18 stripes on the right. An electric motor (24 V) 1 HP handles the repetition of moves. The M242 has three firing rates: piecemeal, 100, 200 strokes per minute. The maximum range varies depending on the ammunition fired.

The MK38 is the naval version of the M242, it equip the US Navy, with nearly 4,000 copies in 2012. At that time, the MK38 Mod.3 into service. Its 30mm tube, integrated to any naval platform, the patrol boat to the aircraft carrier. Fully stabilized, it is lined with a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun. His optronics pod incorporates referred day / night that allows both shooting that monitoring of surrounding waters or deck.

Thumbnail Credit by 2nd Class Jeremie Kerns , Modified by Daily Military Defense & Archive

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